Billing Information

The Manor Township Joint Municipal Authority (MTJMA) has regulations having the landlord ultimately responsible for payment of their tenant's water and/or sewer bill. All landlords should check with the Authority Office periodically and before a tenant vacates a premise to see if there are any delinquent bills.

MTJMA – How is my Bill Calculated?

MTJMA employees read meters in different sections of the Authority Service Area each month, on a 3 month rotation.  Therefore, non-commercial customers meters’ are read every 3 months and commercial customers are read monthly.  Service is provided from the beginning of the month to the beginning of the current month, meters are typically read between the 14th and 25th of the month.  Minimum bills are generated monthly when the meter is not scheduled to be read – currently 3000 gallons per month.  On the months when the meter is read, any quarterly difference in excess of the 3 month allocation of 9000 gallons is then charged “overage.”  Rates are subject to change and listed in the Rate Section of the MTJMA website.

MTJMA – Meter Change-Out Program

MTJMA is working diligently on a meter change out program.  The new style meters permit computer reading of your meter from a truck driving nearby your location.  This eliminates the potential errors of manually writing the readings into the meter book and manually typing the readings into the billing system.  Additionally, the process eliminates employees from needing to go to each home/business thus saving time and potential injury especially from slips and falls.  There is NO CHARGE for the meter to be changed out; however, the regulator (if required) must be located prior to the meter – this is the responsibility of the PROPERTY OWNER, not MTJMA.  Please call the MTJMA office at 724-763-2511 or register for an appointment through the MTJMA website. Questions can be directed to the MTJMA Office.  Once the home is converted to the new meter, MTJMA will begin reading the meter monthly instead of quarterly.

MTJMA – Curbbox Access

MTJMA owns the curbbox located at the edge of right of way; however the customer is responsible from their side of the curbstop to the facility.  The curbbox is the means to terminate service to the facility in case of emergency or if the customer requires it off for plumbing work.  Only MTJMA employees are permitted to operate the curbstop.  Scheduled plumbing or other need to the water to be shut-off should be scheduled through the MTJMA Office, preferably 24 hours in advance.  The area where the curb box is located should be kept free from dirt, debris, overgrowth and metal objects should not be placed in the ground nearby.  Thank you for your cooperation.