Instructions to Install Water Service Lines and Meters

  • The owner will indicate by means of an appropriate marker, the service line location most suitable to him.
  • If the service line will be 100 feet in length or more, a meter pit will be required to be purchased from the Authority. The meter pit will be installed by the customer.
  • Upon receipt of payment of the tap, the Authority will install the tap and curb box.
  • All service lines will be installed and maintained by the property owner and must be at least 42 inches deep and at least 4 feet from any other utility service line.
  • 3/4" soft copper tubing, Type K will be required for all service lines beyond the curb box for each customer upon the premise to be served OR HDPE (polyethylene).
  • All fittings between curb box and valves must be compression fittings.
  • The owner or his contractor shall not backfill his service trench until inspected and approved by an Authority representative. The water meter and backflow preventer will be provided by the Authority with the Authority installing the meter only.
  • The location of the meter will be as close as possible to the point at which the service line enters the building.
  • The owner shall provide a suitable meter housing (preferably a basement), two ball valves (one on each side of the meter) and a 3/4" pressure regulator. A typical meter installation is shown below.
  • The Authority will retain ownership of the meters, but the customer will be held liable for all damage due to extreme heat or cold or accidents.

For questions or to report problems: 724-763-2511