Pellet Softening Plant

Manor Township Joint Municipal Authority Water Treatment Plant Project

MTJMA, in conjunction with special project engineer Black and Veatch, has completed and approved the design of the new water treatment plant. The plant will be located adjacent to the existing plant on property already owned by MTJMA in South McGrann. The new plant includes the additions of finished water clearwells for an additional storage capacity in excess of 200,000 gallons. The treatment technology selected for water softening, will be changed from Ion Exchange which produces a brine discharge, to Pellet Softening – a “green solution”. This change will provide the same high quality drinking water without creating an undesirable by-product that currently is wasted to the Allegheny River. Additionally, water from the backwash filter cycle will be reintroduced to the head of the plant conserving precious water resources. Lastly, the pellets generated can be used as fertilizer – they are basically pelletized lime with a sand gain center. This is the first permitted Pellet Softening Plant in Pennsylvania.

Project Milestones:



Completion Status

Permit Application Submitted to DEP:

May 8, 2015


Permit Approval from DEP:

August 18, 2015


PennVest Funding Application Submitted:

August 19, 2015


PennVest Meeting Date:

October 21, 2015


Projected Bid Advertisement:

October 22, 2015


Re-Bid Advertisement:

January 30, 2016


Notice to Proceed:

April 11, 2016


Clearwell/Wetwell Concrete complete:

January, 2017


Projected Building Erected:

March, 2017


Projected Plant Testing:

August/September, 2017


Projected Plant On-line:

September, 2017




Status Update (chronological): 

Clearwell/Wetwell Concrete Complete